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About-Me-Photo-smallBoundaries have never been a part of Sheralyn Marsh’s life. Born to a middle class Air Force family on a military base in Okinawa, Japan, Marsh filled her passport before ever stepping foot on American soil.  Never escaping her passion for travel, long east coast winters prompted extensive travels toward tropical climates. In her college years, Marsh broke the mold being the first in her family to earn an undergrad and graduate degree, fully financing her education along the way. After earning her MBA in Business from Boston College, Marsh elbowed her way into the international business world, making a name for herself at institutions like KPMG and Deloitte & Touche. Sheralyn has spent a lifetime “redefining boundaries”. With a successful business career under her belt, and her three children entering an age of increased independence, Marsh needed a new challenge. Everything came together on a business trip to South Beach: Marsh’s coastal New England upbringing, her affinity for Miami and her shrewd business sense all pointed to a hole in the couture swimwear market. Besita Boutique was born to give style-conscious women cutting-edge swimwear, a seamless shopping experience and charitable empowerment. Through Besita, Marsh has expanded on a scholarship fund to assist young women with college tuition.  This is the funds fourth year, with over $10,000 distributed.

“I’ve spent my life learning how to be empowered. I want Besita Boutique to be an extension of that”

says Marsh of her brand.

“Whether it’s offering fresh and sexy swimwear, or supporting someone’s dream to educate themselves, Besita Boutique will be a feel good shopping destination for women across the country – somewhere I’d be proud to have my daughter shop at.”

Team Members

Tricia Gardiner

Tricia is Vice President of Operations at Besita Boutique. With a small team of three, that means she does it all. Tricia has a degree from Central Connecticut State University in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Coming up with exciting and fresh ideas for Besita Boutique is Tricia’s wheel-house. She has had a passion for fashion since she was a tot. Growing up in a household filled with beauticians, she has always been drawn to making women look and feel their best.  Her fashion sense would be described as boho chic. She loves mixing and matching styles and standing out from the crowd.  Tricia’s interest in fashion is just one of her passions. She believes in the empowerment and growth of women. With experience in volunteer work and commandeering fundraisers for women and children she has had the pleasure to help women thrive and grow in our fast paced society.

Saragrace Tramont

The girls in the office have dubbed her the diva but she doesn’t seem to mind. From Southeast Connecticut where the shore is her backyard and tourists pour in to visit Julia Robert’s favorite pizza shop, Saragrace developed at an early age, an infatuation for all things aesthetic. It makes sense, then, that the Creative Director fits right in with BB, where she picks up everything the fashion house puts down. A cum laude CCSU graduate and former boutique owner, the tenacious brunette finds comfort in working with the like-minded women of BB who embrace challenges and band together to pioneer, what we call, the Besita movement. Aside from work, Saragrace enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, dining out, shopping, and occasionally, karaoke. Her ultimate dream is to become an internationally-recognized fashion designer.

Chris Carvache

Chris serves as a technical consultant for Besita Boutique bringing his extensive knowledge of web site design and development and systems integration to the table.  Always looking for out-of-the-box ways to solve problems, he adds a unique dynamic to the BB team.  When not working the BB team and his other clients, look out for Chris playing guitar and keeping a crowd entertained around local Connecticut bars and night clubs.